Mission of Mercy. April 2016









Dr. Trotter was the volunteer coordinator for the Florida Mission of Mercy held on April 22-23, 2016 in Jacksonville, Florida. She was in charge of recruiting the 2,465 volunteers for the event.











WQIK radio personality Robbie Rose, promoted the Florida Mission of Mercy on his morning broadcast, then he graciously volunteered his time at the event.


Here he is with Dr. Trotter demonstrating the proper brushing technique.












Crystal volunteered her time and used her expertise to compassionately provide hygiene care to many of the patients at the Mission of Mercy.









Barbara and her sister, Sam, were the first to greet each patient and enter information into the computers.









The Prime Osborn Convention Center was filled with 150 dental chairs where 2,930 patients were able to receive a comprehensive array of dental procedures.

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